Friday, August 27, 2010

how to cook a real comfort food

Are you bored with the same old plain grilled cheese? Grilled cheeses are a great snack for adults or children! To make the perfect grilled cheese all you need are a few key ingredients and a little patience!

1. First, take out the amount of bread necessary for the sandwiches you are making. This is best done with a soft white bread, I prefer Nature's Own Whitewheat. If a wheat bread is more to your liking that work just as well.

2. Now, spread a generous amount of butter on the outsides of your bread. I try and use a relatively healthy butter alternative made from yogurt but again this depends on your taste buds. Any type of butter will taste just fine! Spread enough so that it covers every piece of the outer slice bread.

3. Go ahead and turn on your stove and find a smaller non-stick skillet that will fit your grilled cheese. It is best to only do one sandwich at a time so that you can see how each is progressing to prevent burning. If your skillet is not non-stick, you may want to spray a thin coat of Organic Pam across the skillet.

4. Now you are ready for my favorite ingredient: Garlic Salt! Sprinkle a little garlic salt over the bread where the butter is located.

5. Now it's time to cook! Make sure that your stove has had a couple of minutes to heat up but when you are ready place one piece of bread (butter face down) on the skillet.

6. Now place 1-2 pieces of cheese depending on your taste on top of the bread. I prefer American cheese but it is also really delicious to use two pieces of different flavored sliced cheese. Get creative as long as you know what you like!

7. Now place the last piece of bread on top of the cheese (butter side up this time).

8. With your stove on med-low, allow the grilled cheese to cook. Do not move the grilled cheese unless you fear it could be burning! You will be able to tell the grilled cheese is ready to be flipped because the side facing up will begin to change colors.

9. Now flip and repeat on the opposite side.

10. The key to this is only flipping the grilled cheese once!

11. Cut in half and EAT! Yum!

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